Welcome to conscious relationships.  Visiting this page is the beginning of our journey together.  My name is Coach Shelley and I am a relationship coach.  I help singles and couples learn to have enhanced communication skills.  My intention is for you to learn how to really love yourself; I will help you learn what you want in your relationships, as well as how to ask for what you want.  Together we are going to expand what is possible in your relationships, and the potential of having a magnificent life!

Having a coach is important because as I introduce you to new ideas and activities, we will work through them together, step-by-step.  It is important for us to take each module one-step at a time, in order for you to not feel overwhelmed.  This is an eight-week beginner program in creating conscious relationships.  The program modules provide a pathway to learning to take 100% responsibility, getting your needs meet, speaking your raw and real truth, and coming to an understanding of how our discomforts help us grow.  We will find our personal freedom around our own fears and triggers.  Through growth, you can begin living your magnificent life!